Via Largo Cristoforo Colombo, 6, 89125 Reggio Calabria +39 0965 312968


ChefFilippo Cogliandro

Cuisine is my sea.
The land, the memories, my life.

My kitchen is constant research, enhancement of the products of my territory and attention to the quality and to BIO cultures. I rediscover traditional culinary recipes that I transform in Gourmet dishes..

Calabria is a region of rich history, art and culture with a gastronomy loved in the entire world.

My recipes are born from seasonal kilometer zero products that i personally pick from small producers of a region with a straordinary historical and cultural soul. It deserves to be known through its traditions, specialites and flavors.

I’m happy to contribute, with my plates, to give voice to the beauty and goodness of Calabria.


LoveFor my land

Calabria, generous land located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a territory of unique gifts, highly sought after for quality, flavors and their incredible health benefits.

Calabrians, a people who has always had a great passion for farming and respect for nature.

From Bergamotto di Reggio Calabria to Extravergine d’Oliva Ottobratico, here are some calabrian Presidi Slow Food: il Caciocavallo di Ciminà, il Capocollo grecanico Azze Anca, il Gammune di Belmonte, il Pecorino di Monte Poro, lo Zibibbo di Pizzo Calabro, i Fagioli di Cortale, il Moscato al governo di Saracena.