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L’A Gourmet L’Accademia is a restaurant with a double soul.
An elegant and historical soul and a modern youthful one. Also for this reason the restaurant is loved by everyone.

The two souls blend perfectly thanks to the Art that can be breathed in every aspect, from the settings to the cuisine, from the flavors to the landscape.

Chef Filippo Cogliandro’s live for art has pleasantly influenced every corner of the restaurant and of his gourmet creations.

L’A Gourmet L’Accademia offers halls that are the right solution for every occasion:

The restaurant’s Veranda is a bright environment, cozy and reserved, ideal for a romantic dinner.

A winter garden that highlights the beauty of Montreal Palace with a view of the Strait of Scylla and Charybdis

The Hall of Chandeliers represents the sober elegance of a 20th century palace. A classic, light and pleasant style that is liked by everyone. Ideal for every type of special occasion.

The Terrace Garden gives the view of a breathtaking landscape under a beautiful sky. A summer location in the heart of the City.

Salone dei Lampadari

Terrazza Garden

Veranda Panoramica


Since2015 MOTTAREALE Palace

Historical center of Reggio Calabria

TheTerrace Garden

The Terrace Garden is the ideal place of events, parties and business lunches, a private garden just a few steps from the sea.



A perfect organization for the most important day of your life.
The quality of our kitchen and the professionality of our dining room collaborators are our strengths, which make L’A Gourmet L’Accademia leader in the receptions field